Thursday, July 15, 2010

inEpitome - The Beginning is Here

I had the privilege of watching inEpitome end peoples 'stigma' they have on local music with progressive genius and harmonious rhythms that can only be accomplished through the masterful combination of Jay Estrada(bass), Adrian Estrada(Vox & guitar) Donny Marling(drums) and Corey Adams(lead guitar). There are a few select words I would use to describe the intrusive(use the word in the best of contexts), attention demanding and show stealing sound of this well oiled machine, but for the sake of your attention I'll keep this brief. The sound of music that typically pours out of this area (Midland/Odessa) is generally the same genre with each band, hardcore, metal......tejano. However, the rules were broken with the forming of inEpitome. As stated before and excuse me for repeating myself, there is something to the driving progressive rock sound that puts to rest the former expectations of the local music scene. The melodic sound sound of the haunting guitar riffs dreamed up by Corey Adams will lure you into its snare, and just as you have found yourself content, the progression begins. Overdrive and flanger wrap it's distorted fingers around your ears and forces you to pay attention. The melodies are only amplified with the jazz-esque, chest rattling sound of Jay Estrada seemingly playing another song in side the one you are already trapped in. With Jay comes Donny Marling, the connection between musicians is pivotal in the creative process of a band, and I can tell you now as honest as I'll ever be...You will never see a more natural connection between two artistically driven musicians as there is with Jay and Donny, they match note for note and mesh their styles together perfectly to form a singular sound that will not soon be replicated. With all of this sound pulling you deeper into the strangle hold of inEpitome, you are confronted with the vocals of Adrian Estrada, whos lyrics will not only begin to resonate with who you are, but also give you a brief glimpse into the world of this man.

If you are a progressive rock fan or just someone looking for something new to freshen your ears with I would suggest you take note of this band and buy their album and keep a steady eye on them. This isn't going to be a one trick pony band and certainly not a pony that will be hitched to Midland forever. also available via iTunes.

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