Monday, June 28, 2010


When the stars have said the prayers and the moon has gone to bed, I will rule my world as though I am the only one. I'm a car crash away from a healing and breathe away from my asphyxiation. The beggar asks for a first as we line up for our third. Your frail body is obese with your decadence and gluttony for the next best thing. So as you lay in your bed tonight, remember your last that before you wake, it may be the last of your own before you've materialized your mind.

As I sat motionless in the myriad of fragmented shards of glass that seemed to hang in the air as if time had stopped just for me, I had my thoughts bottled and placed in a safe place. As the fingers of the glass made a slow march for my face, I continued to box my memories and place them on the top-shelf labeled 'Save for Later'. Soon the first sliver of what had been one seamless object made its way to my jaw, moving in the slowest, most graceful manner i felt the tiny scales that layer the skin across my face begin to slowly split up with the tiny caress of the glass particle, it seemed to take hours for the one shard to make its way from my view to my cheek. I moved on to my emotions, sealing them tightly in a small steel canister and moving them to the vault that had since its last use gathered a generous amount of dust and its fair share of small critters who had come and established their families and and long been gone. As I cranked the 4 bar lock of the vault the metal clank of the door indicated that it was not sealed. I sat in the farthest corner and struck up my last cigarette and stared out of the only window in the room. Without a moments notice time crept back to where it should have been. The glass moved from a near stand still to soaring through the air, each piece making its mark on my skin. The last thing I saw was the wheel. My world has gone black, but at least all I needed was safe and secure, in the place that only myself will ever visit

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