Monday, June 28, 2010

The Powers That Be

Have you ever considered that there are forces, greater than yourself at work? Have you possibly considered that the world we live in, the people we see the roads we travel and trails yet to be blazed are all in harmony with one another?

The cars racing across the man-made path to whatever may be. The people existing among themselves lost in their moment, having their own personal 15minutes of fame, to create a special memory. The birds making the daring dive through the traffic, though there is an endless sky above, down to the beggar on the corner, pushing along his rustic antique of a bicycle with matching flat tires. No one knows one another, no needs to know the person behind them in line. No one pays mind to the sparrow making its rounds. And of course everyone will turn a blind eye to the beggar making is way down the road.

They are in their own individual worlds, making their own tune.
Everyone has their harmony, everyone plays their notes. Never mind what the melody of the beggar is, and the birds cant possible be of enough significance to hold their own.


Don't finish that thought.


More so, feel.

The tune of the consumer, the beggar, the passer-bys, the distant call of the train- even the conductor. The vehicles and their passengers.

It's all together now. Stop. Hear it. Feel it.

We require each other. I don't need to know your name, I need to hear your melody.

Feel it.

We write our parts, we emit our melody, and in the grand scheme of things, when you let go. When you refuse to think of your own existence and instead, consider the definition of existence, you will-


That we all have a harmony in our daily lives.
When you detach, you will see that together, we are an orchestra, we are the beauty that was set in place and meant to be. When you find yourself capable of seeing, hearing and feeling the spectacle, you too will be flooded and overcome.

I could cry.

I could scream.

I could laugh.

I am all emotion that can be.

I found myself in the middle of a crescendo, and at that time there was nothing in this world more beautiful then the existence of any form of life. The creation that has been made was created for more then to merely live our daily lives until the last breath makes it great escape into the atmosphere, we are to be in unison, to be a beautiful masterpiece that we cannot comprehend ourselves.

I honestly cannot give you the words to describe, depict or make you feel how I felt in this fleeting moment of time. But I have a greater understanding in the incredible design of this world.

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